About West Coast Facemasks

Dedicated to safety and saving you money

Located below majestic Mount Shasta in northern California, West Coast Facemasks provides a quality reconditioning/recertifying service.

We have over 20 years experience with management of football equipment, coaching and athletic training.

Everyone in our organization is dedicated to athlete safety first and foremost!! Our experienced staff is committed to following all processes and industry standards and to do all we can to protect your athletes.

All masks are carefully inspected for bends, weld breaks or cracks, cleaned of all existing coating and then re-finished to your color specifications. Following the reconditioning process the facemasks are then recertified, following testing procedures that meet rigorous NOCSAE standards for football facemasks.

Example of New vs Reconditioned/Recertified Savings

Review the following chart for examples of the kinds of savings you may gain from having your team’s masks reconditioned instead of buying new.

Type of Mask Average New
Price per mask
Average Cost
to Recondition
Savings to Your
x20 masks
Riddell Speed Flex 55.50 15.83 $39.67 $793.40
Schutt Vengeance 44.50 15.83 $28.67 $573.40
Youth DNA 25.65 15.83 $9.82 $196.40
Riddell Revo Classic 32.75 15.83 $16.92 $338.40
Riddell Revo Speed 69.60 15.83 $53.77 $1075.40
Xenith 41.35 15.83 $25.52 $510.40
Titanium 133.31 15.83 $117.48 $2349.60
Big Grill 84.98 15.83 $69.00 $1380.00

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