Our Service, Products and Pricing


We recondition and  recertify all models and sizes of football facemasks, including youth masks.

WCFM allows you to save money for your college, high school or youth sports program by recycling masks that are damaged and cannot be used “as is”.  They may still be viable for your program, and recycled, they will become “like new” and usable again. Rather than buying new masks, you can use that savings in other areas of your program.

Although our facemasks reconditioning facility and business is located on the West Coast (in Mount Shasta, California) we service the entire United States and beyond….  You ship one way and we pay for the return.

Available Facemask Colors:

facemask color chart


  • Contact us for prices for teams and individuals.  Prices based on quantity and color.
  • Call 530-926-4200 (office) for an estimate.
    (Dale-530-859-1230 or Karen-530-859-1231)

We also buy used football facemasks. If you are interested in sell please click here for more information.

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