Facemask Reconditioning Questions?

Q. What is the difference between reconditioning and recertifying?

Reconditioning is the process of removing existing coating, checking for weld breaks and cracks and re-coating to bring the appearance of the facemask to “like new’ condition.

Recertifying is the process of applying NOCSAE standards and testing equipment to the reconditioned facemasks to determine their strength and safety. If standard safety limits are not exceeded the guards are recertified for continued use.

Q. When do I need to recertify a facemask?

When at least 5 points of metal are exposed or a sharp edge exists.

Q. Why is it necessary to have some part of the manufacturer’s or rectifier’s label visible?

NOCSAE Doc 087 8.1 requires that only those guards which have been previously certified by a manufacturer or recertifier may be recertified. To ensure athlete safety those guards that have been manufactured outside of industry standards may not be recertified

Q. What if we want another color that is not shown on the color chart?

Contact us if you do not see the color you want. We will determine if we can do your desired color.

Q. How long does it take to get my facemasks returned?

Usually it takes about three weeks after we receive the masks to have them back to you

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